What is Cryotherapy?

CryoThe word “Cryotherapy” stems from the greek words “cryo” or cold, and “therapeia” or cure.


Whole Body Cryotherapy is a cutting edge procedure that uses sub-zero temperatures to naturally stimulate the functionary systems of your body. These extremely low temperatures send the blood from your extremities rushing to your core (vasoconstriction) to protect your organs and create heat.


After a 3 minute session at Cryotherapy Birmingham, your body is re-exposed to room temperatures and the process is reversed (vasodilation). This instantly sends fresh, nutrient rich, oxygenated blood back into the body providing instant detoxification. If performance of any organ or muscle was low or impaired, these deficiencies are remedied by the enriched blood. Muscles are rejuvenated while fatigue and soreness are significantly reduced or eliminated.


This completely natural treatment is being used as an alternative therapy by people seeking faster recovery after surgery, relief from numerous skin conditions, or those simply wanting to perform, look, and feel their best!



What Others Are Saying About Cryotherapy Birmingham

“Cryotherapy has been a major blessing in my life. For the first time in over a decade, I am pretty much pain free. I have tried everything offered to help the pain in my back for 12 years and cryotherapy is the only thing that has helped and it has REALLY helped!!! The energy boost and weight loss is a nice bonus too!”

-Brandon Greenhill, Alabaster

“Cryotherapy is a game-changer for anyone who wants to get the most out of their body. I highly recommend committing to 3-5 sessions per week if you want to be the best.”

-Matt Morse | Performance Coach

“I started doing crossfit about a year ago. I never realized I could develop such a passion for this sport! When my work and family schedule allows, I train everyday, sometimes twice a day. I often heard my coach talk about Cryotherapy Birmingham and I decided to give it a try. I was always really sore and my shoulders would hurt all the time. It’s just amazing how within the first month I could tell the difference! I wasn’t as sore anymore, my muscles recover much quicker and my shoulders don’t bother me anymore!! Not to mention the energy I get after the sessions! I don’t know what I would do without cryotherapy! I try to go 2-3 times a week but I’d go everyday if I had the time! I recommend it to anybody, at any age, that needs to recover from intense workouts, sports or injuries. Especially if you are about to compete! My younger son, 14, begs me to go before his soccer games or after. Cryotherapy Birmingham also has the best customer service! I love to go there and get my freeze sessions! So thankful to have them in Birmingham!”

-Vanda Brenner, Helena

“This therapy is awesome! Has helped me most with old injuries and new soreness. It is the real deal and definitely works!”

-Barclay Gresham, Mountain Brook

“Before starting cryotherapy, I would play basketball or ride my bike and it’d take 2-3 days to recover. My knees bothered me the most. This (WBC) has allowed me to do the sports I love everyday if I want to and therefore I’m getting in better shape and feeling good!”

-Bo Jones, Inverness

“My new favorite place!”

-Aleen Bailey, Huntsville | Olympic Gold Medalist Sprinter, Jamaican Team

“My training intensity has picked up tremendously this year, and so has my recovery. With cryotherapy I can train harder and recover faster for better performance.”

-Blake Matthews, Helena | Owner, Coach, Crossfit Furious

“As an elite athlete and medical professional, I use and recommend whole body cryotherapy. The results I have experienced include dramatically decreased joint inflammation, less overall pain and soreness, enhanced performance in training and competition and an overall decreased recovery time. I use cryotherapy both before and after training. I have experienced some of my best performances by using WBC at least one hour before training/competition and within 1-2 hours afterwards.”

-Robin Harris, Chelsea