Thrive Wellness Lounge is a holistic lounge is located at 5528 1st Avenue South in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham, AL.

Thrive Wellness Lounge is owned by wellness coach, Tish Fletcher, a $25,000 recipient in Prosper’s Magic City March contest. Fletcher has been a longtime participant in REV Birmingham’s Woodlawn UrbanMain program which supported her while she built her company.

After immense pain sent her to the emergency room, she then began looking into holistic/alternative medicines and methods. 

Thrive is known for targeted cryotherapy, weight-management and other supplements that fight inflammation.

If you're in pain or suffering any sort of inflammatory issue, then Thrive is the place to visit and Coach Tish is the person to help! She's on a mission to empower you to THRIVE, not just survive!